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Site Information

Joshua Rodgers' site here is his personal, non-political campaign based site (although the political site is archived here). As such, there is room for many frequent updates and such for things he's trying to get going in Crawford County! So please bookmark the site, contact him, consider helping out -- and check back frequently! Things can change weekly, either with updates or just progress.

Upcoming Projects

Now that political things are over/slowing, I'm returning my focus to my normal projects -- and just trying to get some of the things going that I was planning on doing if I had been elected. After all, a number of them don't require being mayor to do! Of course this also means the site will be a hybrid first/third person, and might drop back in search engine hits -- so I (Joshua Rodgers) will probably toss my name in sometimes just to try and keep it visible.

Business (and Job Creation)

  • Aeroponics & Hydroponics greenhouse farm
  • Wind farm
  • Solar farm
  • Natural lighting in homes and business

Each of these things will help to solve numerous problems: lack of jobs, cheaper power (or just less on power bills!), and cheaper locally grown and sold produce ripe from the farm!

Community-based things just to make it a fun place to be (and help out too)

  • Community Gardens
    • Community gardens is when you've got a piece of land (fairly big), and you let people rent the land for growing their own garden.
  • Haunted Halloween Month
    • I do know that we have multiple festivals in October -- this is different as every single day of October there'll be something going on, multiple things actually, hay rides, mazes in fields, haunted house, ghost hunting, etc. It all exists now, but the plan is to organize it, promote it, and bring people to the county to help our stores!
  • Community Orchestra
    • It's been tried in a sense before, but I want to get people in that are willing to teach too -- just because people are adults now doesn't mean they don't want to learn an instrument! Not to mention it'd be really fun to have a community orchestra to play at events (ball games, weddings, etc) and for the people to actually get paid to do it (not enough to quit your day job though of course).
  • Community Block parties
    • Know your 8 closest neighbors? By knowing the people around you, it makes the community safer for everyone -- not to mention more fun
  • Police Meet & Greets
    • Kind of a political/community thing. It's a simple thing where every few months I believe it'd be useful for the community and police to get together just to get to know each other, ask questions, etc.
  • Crawford County Cookbook
    • The name says it all really -- just a simple cookbook that everyone in the county is allowed to submit one, and of course it'd be sold within the county and such (mainly for cost-covering of printed versions) with excess funds used to help families in need after fires and such.

Political Things

  • Get the people to the public meetings
  • Still wants to have transcripts and PDF files, and everything else for town meetings. Only now Joshua Rodgers wants to have the people petition for it
  • Let people use bicycles and other transportation in town
  • Still wants sidewalks and better roads, only now he needs the people to band together to make sure it's done

Want to know a secret about some of these things? They're already done in many other towns! That's right, by not doing them here (some not even costing money to allow), we're actually not doing what's been done for years in other places.

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